Locator Technical Support

Here are some frequently asked questions about Locator Plus and Locator Five.

Why are some of the items in Locator Plus not in the schedule of rates in our Housing Management / Jobs ordering system?

These are probably the service contract items - you can tell because they do not have a rate. These are included in Locator Plus to provide a convenient method of ordering repair works under a service contract but they are not part of the NHF Schedule of Rates. You can see all these items listed under 'Service Contracts' in the SOR Browser.

We can supply you with these items in a format suitable for loading into your main system. Or you might choose to replace the service contract items with a message, perhaps with the phone number of the relevant contractor. You can do this by using the edit mode in Locator Plus.

How do we customise Locator Plus?

Go to Settings|Advanced, check the box marked 'Turn on Editing Mode' and click on Update.

You can now edit the text on the diagnostic screens, change the linked items, or replace a link with a message to the user. You can also edit the Tips, the Damp Screens and the Advice screens. You can also turn off icons on the Home page.

Can we view our policies and procedures from within Locator Plus?

Yes. When in editing mode, you can add links to other documents or to pages on your intranet. Highlight a word or phrase in the Advice screen and click on the 'Links' button.

Locator Plus is installed on our network and I am getting an error message when I click on a code to transfer it to another application.

When you are integrating Locator Plus with another application, a couple of components need to be installed on each PC even if you are running Locator Plus over the network.

There is a separate setup file on the Locator CD that will install the components for you - to find it look in the Components folder. Or you can download the latest version from this site. Look on the Updates page.

If you are running Locator Plus over Citrix then this is not necessary.

I want to use the editing features in Locator Plus but the option to enable this is grayed out.

The editing features are only available if you are running Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Locator Plus Version 4 will only run under IE6 or higher.

We're getting a 'file access denied' message when trying to change the settings or save Store files

Locator Plus is being prevented from saving files by the operating system. You need to amend permissions to allow users to create and write files in the main Locator Plus folder and its subfolders.

I have tried running Locator over our intranet but it is painfully slow. How can I speed it up?

Locator downloads all its data to the client for processing so it requires a fast connection.

The text in Locator is very small or very large. How can I change the size of the text?

Locator uses the text settings in Internet Explorer. Change this by opening an Internet Explorer window and selecting Text Size on the View menu. You should find that the Medium setting gives you the best result.